Hello there! Nice to meet you! I’m the founder of Meerkits and I came up with the name Meerkits as play on the word Meerkat and kits since my vision was to create quality kits. Meerkat? Kits? Meerkits? Get it? Ahhhh…..sorry for the bad joke.

Why kits? I have this weird, almost compulsive disorder. I am always searching for new hobbies and I have an obsession for quality and organization. Whenever I took on a new hobby, I would spend hours and hours researching all the pieces I would need for this hobby. Then I would spend all of this time researching for the perfect container to contain all of these pieces for this new hobby. I would legitimately spend months and months just accumulating all of the pieces I would need for this hobby before I even started the hobby! I then wondered if other people had the same issue as me. So I founded Meerkits to hopefully design perfect kits to save you the time from doing all the research yourself.

Don’t find our kits perfect? Please reach out to us! We are open to criticism and are constantly striving to improve.


I’m pretty hard to please as consumer. Whenever I found that rare gem of a product, I would usually look for the exact same product to replace it years down the road. But more often than not, I was disappointed at favorite brands cutting quality on later iterations to save a buck. I hate that and I promise to never sacrifice quality and instead constantly strive to improve our quality.

When designing products, our order of priorities will be quality, sustainability, and price in that order. Minimalism and consistency will also be taken into consideration.

“Make each day your masterpiece.”
John Wooden